George Casey Jr is one of Jacksonville’s emerging motivational speakers!  He is living proof that an individual’s past isn’t always an accurate predictor of his future. He is the epitome of the saying, “Your future endeavors do not have to be dictated by your past indiscretions”.  A lack of drive and ambition marred Mr. Casey’s life as a teen and young adult.  His high school and college years passed as unrecognizable blurs due to his immature attitude and inability to focus.  During this time his main objective was to be the life of the party and not on his education.  His reckless and irresponsible behavior eventually led to him becoming homeless and ultimately to an incident where he was held at gun point; this all occurred prior to his 21st birthday.

It was only after a gut-wrenching, eye-opening conversation with a family member did Mr. Casey realize there was more to life than having a good time and being the life of the party.  Despite the conversation and his own realizations, Mr. Casey had no goals or aspirations for his life at that time.  Divine intervention led him to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  Finally, while serving in the Marines, Mr. Casey developed confidence, focus, and purpose while instilling discipline and fostering his leadership skills.  His ability combined with desire to quickly adapt to military life led to several awards and a commendation from his superior officers.  In addition to giving Mr. Casey a sense of professionalism and accomplishment, the military allowed him the opportunity to build his relationship with God metamorphosing into a truly inspired and highly motivated being with a new outlook on life.

After being honorably discharged in 2000, Mr. Casey was motivated to enroll in the University of Phoenix where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  His completion of his college education culminated in his obtaining employment at CSX Transportation.  During his career at CSX Mr. Casey has taken advantage of various development plans, both personal and professional in nature.  It was during his participation in a mentoring program that he was encouraged to join Toastmasters.   As he has navigated the waters of Toastmasters, Mr. Casey has spoken abroad, traveled, competed, encouraged, motivated, empowered, challenged, and served others.  His desire to compel others to reach their fullest potential and beyond has captivated and inspired audiences throughout the United States.

Mr. Casey is very aware that many individuals struggle with the idea they can change their reality by changing their mindset.  His strength lies in his ability to convey the evolving but consistent relationship between thought and action.  His very life is the blueprint for talking the talk and walking the walk.  He believes it is his divine mission to challenge himself as well as others.